#12: John Cries at the End - Coco

Listen y’all I was crying while editing this podcast because this movie does representation and emotions very well so make sure you watch Coco before you listen to this one so you can cry with me! XOXO, Gossip John. Big questions for this episode include: What and when is Dia de Los Muertos? Could this movie be any more perfect? Should we have a sticker to put on movies that get perfect ratings at the end of the episode?

Next episode, we’re watching Call Me By Your Name!

Featuring music by The Organ Machines: https://theorganmachines.bandcamp.com/track/oil-waves

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This episode features audio from the 2015 Golden Globes Broadcast, featuring a clip from the acceptance speech given by Gina Rodriguez upon winning Best Actress in A Musical or Comedy TV Series.