209: Late, Later, Latent

Jenny finally shows some personality! Kit gets stood up. Bette and Tina can’t make heads or tails of their relationship. Alice and Dana really just love talking about strapons.

Haute Butch:

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207: Luminous

Even more unnecessarily gooey scenes with Helena and Tina/Alice and Dana. Carmen basically tells Jenny she doesn’t even like her, but… they don’t break up. Thanks Ilene, for another bad, weird episode.

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206: Lagrimas de Oro

Alice encourages/forces Dana to break up with Tonya, only to find out that Tonya is now having an affair with her! Tina moves into the apartment Bette is buying for her. Tina has sex with Helena in a pool and it’s super gross.

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205: Labrynth

Everyone FINALLY knows that Tina is pregnant! Thank god! Tina gets a large grant from Helena Peabody, Dana and Tonya have a bachelorette party, and Bette and Tina think they might get back together until Helena (the hottest one of all) shows up and Tina forgets all about stupid Bette.

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