That’s so lesbian


Jessi Alperin (They/Them)

is a college student at Pitt majoring in French and environmental policy. Despite their deep love of theatre, they intend to spend most of their life working towards helping the planet improve developmentally and environmentally. Jessi is the proud mother of a small fuzzy kitten named Bolbi. They have been fortunate enough to visit four different countries and are hoping to soon add more countries to that list. 

Hannah Moskowitz (she/her)

is a tank top-collecting, tv-obsessing, Rocky Horror-performing woman of mystery. She's a '90s kid, a mezzo-soprano, and a professional Sims-breeder. If she's not writing she's probably eating. Her cats are better than your cats. She'd choose a good haircut over a good wardrobe any day. And no matter where she's living, she's a clear-eyed, full-hearted Maryland girl with Old Bay for blood.