Rhuna Diamondgaze

Rhuna was born to a large Dwarven family that specialized in the mining of diamonds and other precious gems. Previously a warrior clan, Rhuna grew up wishing to be like her ancestors and learned all she could about their history. The most intriguing story to her was that of the Diamondgaze Crest, a war hammer that was handed down through generations until it was lost.

Stayed at the library to find out more of her family's history (Ep. 22)

Played by Chandler Rae Woods


Gary B. Diggs

Dr. Gary B. Diggs is a traveling nomad half Orc Cleric. During his early days he suffered a great deal of pain, both physical and mentally, which lead him to dive into a dark path. Through fortunate circumstances, he was found by a follower of Ilmater, who convinced him leave his past where it was, and to take on the suffering he caused. When his medical skills aren't enough he will call on the Light Blue Glow of his god to ease the peoples burdens.

Stayed on the South Island to open a house of worship of Ilmater and help the people. (Ep. 18)

Played by Travis Carlson


Ardralelle (Ardra)

Ardralelle (Ardra) is a half elf cleric who worships the gods of nature. She is a skilled demon hunter who ran away from her home to escape her tragic past. She is a kind and loyal friend but can be quick tempered and overly defensive when her party is in danger. Now a nomad looking for answers and revenge, she enjoys adventuring with those she finds in her travels.

Left to go pursue her own demons (Ep. 14)

Played by Alaina Minichiello



Sneaky rogue that loves magic tricks. He's the guy that knows a guy. The question "You wanna buy a watch?" personified

Was killed by a jar of spagethi sauce. (Ep. 8)

Played by Michael Haas



Nana was a rogue in a past life, but spent her days as a bard.

She fell to her death on the Staircase Cliffs (Ep. 2)

Played by Lou