Welcome to Avocadotoast! Avocadotoast is a podcast for and by young people to increase political literacy and awareness among young Millenials and members of Generation Z. Each episode is split between the weekly news, which often focuses on U.S. politics, and a social or specific political topic the hosts explain and have a discussion around. The hosts offer varying levels of expertise of the subjects they choose, and sometimes have guests around their age to discuss topics that are either relevant to their lives, or that they might have expertise in. Listeners will become more knowledgeable about the world around them, and the hosts to create a community with themselves and their listeners to become a community of advocates and activists. We might never be able to afford homes because we’d rather be eating avocado toast, but we’ll keep you informed! Subscribe and listen to new episodes every Sunday!


Jessi Quinn Alperin is a college student at Pitt majoring in French and environmental policy and will be graduating in April 2019.

They published their first book of poetry, Worlwhind, in October 2017. Jessi is the proud mother of a small fuzzy kitten named Bolbi.

They also host the podcast That's So Lesbian with author Hannah Moskowitz.

Griffin Brady